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Chart a Clear Course for Your Budgeting Process

Competition for what drives your budget process can be fierce. Last year’s department budgets can be serious contenders. So can new ideas. There are the inevitable urgent facilities needs. And how about personnel costs? How do you prioritize funding for these areas when they all seem essential? [read more]

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What a Difference a Year Makes

In the past 12 months, your membership has once again made quite an impact around the globe, supporting missionaries and ministries and providing everything from textbooks and training to healing and hope. With each new membership and account opened during a particular month in 2017, ECCU donated resources back into ministry. Let’s take a quick world tour to see what your new accounts accomplished [read more]

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How Do You Handle the Stuff People Donate?

A recent mailing from my college alma mater included a list of ways that I could donate to the school, including noncash gifts. Ministries often receive these kinds of donations. When you do, what are your legal, financial and biblical responsibilities? [read more]

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Focus on Online Giving, Part 2

Current consumer financial practices challenge the reasons for passing plates and collecting envelopes. Your church needs to make online giving a priority. [read more]

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Planning for and Managing Year-end Giving, Part 2

The reasons people give at year-end are no different than the rest of the year. A big one is that they believe in your mission and want to help make it happen. They’re also more aware of the stewardship implications of tax deductions at year-end, These two factors mean many of your people are more attentive this time of year. How can you make the most of this captive audience? [read more]

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Focus on Online Giving, Part 1

When people are motivated to give as so many are at year-end, it’s wise to make it easy for them to donate to your organization. And use of online giving is on the rise. So it makes sense to promote online options and make them as easy as possible for your donors to use. [read more]

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