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Focus on Online Giving, Part 1

When people are motivated to give as so many are at year-end, it’s wise to make it easy for them to donate to your organization. And use of online giving is on the rise. So it makes sense to promote online options and make them as easy as possible for your donors to use. [read more]

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Planning for and Managing Year-end Giving, Part 1

Many ministry organizations budget for a boost in giving at year-end. If yours is one of them, you should be planning now for how to manage that extra money. A big key to doing it wisely is to view the increase in the context of your overall cash flow. But how do you do that? [read more]

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The Spending Side of Stewardship: How Are You Doing?

During the Great Recession, many ministries experienced an unfamiliar reality: dramatic income declines. Those that didn’t respond by quickly cutting expenses learned some key stewardship lessons the hard way. One was that it’s much easier to stay on mission when you build a healthy budget and stick to it. Do you wisely plan and diligently monitor your spending? Here are some tips to help you stay on track. [read more]

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Financial Mistakes Your Church Can’t Afford to Make

Last time we talked about reasons to rent versus buy your facilities. One reason to rent is to avoid incurring debt that could force you to curtail core ministry. Turns out that tendency is more common than it should be. A few years ago, as we were emerging from the Great Recession, ChurchLeaders published Top 10 Financial Mistakes Churches Make. “Acquiring Unmanageable Debt,” was one practice that proved to be unwise when the economy shifted. A more recent article, 10 Mistakes Churches Make with Money, includes the same error. Apparently, some have been slow to learn that lesson. [read more]

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Build or Buy: Is One of these Really Your Best Option?

Owning your own home has been the desire of many American families for generations. But if ever there was a time for your heart to get ahead of our head, this is it. You want that home so badly that you either fail to see key factors that should be considered or you ignore clear signs that this isn’t the right choice for you today. This dynamic has also been in play at many churches and other ministries. [read more]

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Living Outside the U.S.? Don’t Take Banking for Granted

The to-do list for missionaries preparing to live abroad is long. Many items on the list are routine. But these days, banking isn’t one of them. Several laws passed in recent years have made some banks in the U.S. and abroad skittish about serving American citizens living outside the States. Some people have had difficulty opening accounts; others’ accounts have been closed. [read more]

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