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Ministry Matters

Budgeting Through Your First Few Years

Predicting your future income is essential to your success. So, how do you budget for six months from now when you might be twice the size you are today? How do you start to plan for what a year two budget looks like when you don’t know if you’ll have 50 people or 100 people showing up? [read more]

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Yes, fraud happens in ministry. Here’s how ECCU helps prevent it.

Fraud in ministry sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? If only it were. The reality is that by some estimates, fraud siphons off 6 percent of all the funds donated to churches each year. [read more]

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Empty Wallet? No Problem!

More and more people are carrying fewer checks and less cash these days. I used to make a special point of grabbing my checkbook each week to take it to church. Not anymore! [read more]

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How Do You Build a Culture of Stewardship?

Is stewardship a discipline or a way of life? Well, the biblical answer is yes. One key to creating a culture of stewardship is to take a holistic approach. How can you craft this kind of your approach for your church? [read more]

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Using the Right Financial Services Makes Ministry Banking Easier and More Efficient

One advantage of banking with a financial institution that understands what you do is that they design financial services with your operating practices in mind. A key to making the most of these services is to use the right ones for the right things [read more]

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Your Credit Cards Can Be Effective Cash-Management Tools

It’s natural to view credit cards simply as a means of spending money. You use them to buy things and pay bills, right? But when ECCU ministry members wisely manage the business credit cards given to their staff members, they can actually save time and money. [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters