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Yes, It Really Does Matter Where You Bank. Here’s Why.

You’re on staff at a ministry organization. If someone asks you whether the Bible has anything to say about money, the answer is easy, right? It all falls under the umbrella of stewardship. And, since God owns it all, it clearly matters who your organization entrusts with the money people give. [read more]

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Essentials of Fundraising for Schools

The Mystery of Fundraising. When you hear the word “fundraising,” does your heart begin to pound with excitement? Or do you feel the blood drain from your face as you stand in utter terror? For many, the mere thought of raising funds for their schools causes fear or... [read more]

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Millennial Donor Study

Understanding the millennial mindset is vital to building a deep and robust fundraising support team. To dive deeper into this demographic, fundraising veteran Rick Dunham dispels some of the misconceptions we’ve been told about this generation. [read more]

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Chart a Clear Course for Your Budgeting Process

Competition for what drives your budget process can be fierce. Last year’s department budgets can be serious contenders. So can new ideas. There are the inevitable urgent facilities needs. And how about personnel costs? How do you prioritize funding for these areas when they all seem essential? [read more]

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What a Difference a Year Makes

In the past 12 months, your membership has once again made quite an impact around the globe, supporting missionaries and ministries and providing everything from textbooks and training to healing and hope. With each new membership and account opened during a particular month in 2017, ECCU donated resources back into ministry. Let’s take a quick world tour to see what your new accounts accomplished [read more]

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How Do You Handle the Stuff People Donate?

A recent mailing from my college alma mater included a list of ways that I could donate to the school, including noncash gifts. Ministries often receive these kinds of donations. When you do, what are your legal, financial and biblical responsibilities? [read more]

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