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Ministry Matters

Build or Buy: Is One of these Really Your Best Option?

Owning your own home has been the desire of many American families for generations. But if ever there was a time for your heart to get ahead of our head, this is it. You want that home so badly that you either fail to see key factors that should be considered or you ignore clear signs that this isn’t the right choice for you today. This dynamic has also been in play at many churches and other ministries. [read more]

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Living Outside the U.S.? Don’t Take Banking for Granted

The to-do list for missionaries preparing to live abroad is long. Many items on the list are routine. But these days, banking isn’t one of them. Several laws passed in recent years have made some banks in the U.S. and abroad skittish about serving American citizens living outside the States. Some people have had difficulty opening accounts; others’ accounts have been closed. [read more]

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What do global missions thought leaders really think?

In a recent survey by Missio Nexus, more than 160 CEOs of global missions organizations shared their insights on the state of missions worldwide—both personally and organizationally. Missio Nexus compiled the results and created this Missiographic from the full report, providing a snapshot of what’s going on behind the scenes in missions around the globe. [read more]

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Why Is People’s Motivation for Giving Important?

It’s a long-standing tension in Christian circles: What motivates people to be generous? Is it duty? Discipline? Response to God’s generosity? A recent study by Barna Group reveals some helpful insights into the question of why people give. For church and ministry leaders, these insights amount to a call to discipleship, helping people better understand who they are in Christ and why giving is vital to their life in him. [read more]

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Stewardship: Should Your Church Switch to Solar for Electricity?

Solar panels. You see them on homes and businesses all over the place. But what about churches? What about your church? Would it be a good stewardship decision to switch to solar electricity? Well, there’s no quick answer to this question. It’ll take a team of people to do the homework necessary to come up with that answer. But where do you start? [read more]

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Is your church set up to receive card donations or purchases?

My children have attended daycare over the years. They’ve also participated in activities like sports and dance. To my disappointment, each of these services and opportunities costs money! Yes, I understand that those who provide services to my family need to be paid. It’s just that every month when I get a bill, it’s painful to spend that money. [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters