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Where did all the givers go?



May 17, 2019

Encouraging Generosity in Your Church

In ministry, timing can be critical. You already take into account new program launch dates, service times, even the rhythm of your giving cycles.  So, when your church’s financial need doesn’t match your congregation’s mindset toward giving, it can leave you wondering what’s out of sync.  

Fortunately, this issue is both common and curable. So, to help keep your finances flowing smoothly season to season, let’s take a look at how to grow and maintain a consistently generous mindset in your members.

The Problem

Across America, many churches are seeing a general decline in giving1. While the reasons for this vary more than the color of potato salad at a potluck, there are several trends that seem to be affecting most churches, including 

  • Lower attendance – cultural norms include a mindset less committed to formal church gatherings1
  • Generational shifts in giving – a more modest giving mindset along with a trend toward decreased giving as household income increases.2
  • Increased competition- greater attention given to caused-based giving rather than organizational benevolence.
  • Less discretionary income – families are tightening their belts and giving is often an early casualty.

The Solution

While overcoming these cultural hurdles can seem like an impossible task, there are some basic strategies that can help your congregation become more generous while also developing a deeper understanding of sacrificial giving.

Changing your congregation’s mindset may be as simple as:

  • Examining your own mindset – Why are you afraid to ask?
  • Timing – Making a commitment to talk about money regularly.
  • Sharing your passion – Are you casting a vision for giving? 
  • Gratefulness - Thanking people for being consistent givers.
  • Personal perspective -Taking advantage of testimonies.
  • On-target with online - Embracing digital giving.

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1 A closer look at America’s rapidly growing religious ‘nones’, Pew Research Center, 2015

2 The Truth About Christians Tithing In The U.S. Sharefaith.com

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