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Yes, It Really Does Matter Where You Bank. Here’s Why.



February 6, 2018


You’re on staff at a ministry organization. If someone asks you whether the Bible has anything to say about money, the answer is easy, right? More than 2,000 verses touch on the topic. Those texts talk about how we’re to acquire, manage, and spend money. It all falls under the umbrella of stewardship. And, since God owns it all, it clearly matters who your organization entrusts with the money people give. That is, it matters where you bank. Here’s are three reasons ECCU is worth considering.

You know what your money does. Since sound stewardship involves all aspects of what you do with the funds God provides, it’s important to know what happens with those funds when you deposit them. Credit unions are financial cooperatives, meaning all their assets belong to their members and are used for the purposes the members choose. In ECCU’s case, those purposes are to grow and support ministry. This includes things like loans for ministries, reduced banking fees for missionaries, a wide array of resources for members, and even direct financial support. To see how this ministry support plays out, check out the story of Giving Children Hope.

You get the financial services you need. As your ministry grows, your bank accounts need to grow with you. At ECCU, your accounts can be structured to increase your return on deposits and decrease your banking fees. To make ministry more efficient, there are debit cards with no annual fee and low interest credit cards with no international transaction fees. If you’re outgrowing your facilities, you can look into financing an expansion project. Or maybe you need to refinance your existing loan. And you can manage your accounts 24/7 thanks to ECCU’s state-of-the-art, secure online banking platform. All of these services are available to ECCU member organizations.

You can consult with ministry banking experts. For many members, the best part about banking with ECCU is the experience behind the financial services being offered. ECCU has been serving ministries for more than 50 years, so their staff understand that ministries’ financial operations are different than those of businesses and other kinds of organizations. They’re also adept at helping missionaries navigate the challenges of international banking, which is why more than 4,000 missionaries are ECCU members today. When you consult with an ECCU staff member, you’re tapping into decades of accumulated wisdom and expertise.

All of this adds up to a banking partner that can help your organization practice sound biblical stewardship.

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