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Stitch by Stitch, Enslaved Indian Women Discover Freedom

Thanks to ECCU members, we’re able to support Christian ministry around the world. And just what kind of ministry do ECCU members’ actually support? Hear from one ECCU member minstry fighting sex trafficking in India. [read more]

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Should missionaries save?

You might think it’s a silly question. After all, everyone should save for things like emergencies, retirement, or college, right? Well, missionaries typically rely on... [read more]

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Statistics Every Missionary Should Know

Were statistics a big factor in your decision to become a missionary? Probably not, but they could be a resource to help you stay at it when the going gets tough. Did you know, for example, that... [read more]

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Quick Money: Six Savvy Financial Moves to Make Before Dec. 31

At the end of every year, it’s exciting and natural to want to jump ahead and explore all of the resolutions and opportunities that may come your way in the New Year. But wait! Before 2014 closes... [read more]

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Thinking about Giving

Quick quiz: What are a lot of people thinking about these days? It’s giving, right? God showed us what love looks like by giving His Son. Each December many follow his example and express love by giving. [read more]

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It’s all about you

Everyone wants bank accounts that offer good rates and are easy to use, right? Credit unions get this, which is good news for CU members. When you join a credit union, you essentially pool your financial resources with other members to provide better banking options... [read more]

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