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Missionary Minded

Balance Family and Ministry During the Christmas Season?

For a busy church planter, the lines between ministry and family can easily blur during this time of year. How can you keep that blurring in check with a deliberate life balance? Here are a few thoughts. [read more]

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How Do You Celebrate Thanksgiving on the Mission Field?

You’re headed to or serving in a part of the world that couldn’t be more different from the United States. Do traditional American holidays like Thanksgiving take a hiatus when you get there? Well, the short answer is no. [read more]

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When Commerce Meets the Great Commission

Deep in North Korea’s Chagang Province, a Korean-American mechanic tightens the drive belt on a Kameo tractor, hoping to get his anxious customer back to tilling the fields. After a few low groans, the well-worn machinery sputters to life. The farmer offers a polite nod and a modest payment as he departs. But the transaction is far from over. The mechanic is encouraged to see life restored to the farmer’s tractor, but his long-term goal is to see the same transformation in the farmer’s life, through the power of Christ. [read more]

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Bootcamp Develops Missionary Support-Raising Solutions

When missionaries are preparing for life abroad, it’s no secret that fundraising ranks fairly low on the “what I love about missions” meter. Raising money is typically not a popular pursuit compared to the excitement of adapting to a new culture or developing specialized ministry skills. But the hard truth is that missionary activity can face frustrating interruptions without a consistent flow of vital financial resources. [read more]

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Maybe Tax Time Is Your Time to Start Saving

Tax season brings a mixed bag of emotions depending on your level of financial fitness. Take heart. Tax time could be your time to get better control of your finances. Here are a couple ideas to get you started. [read more]

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Not all Credit Cards Are Created Equal

While the Bible doesn’t expressly prohibit the use of credit, it’s very clear on one point. If you choose to use credit, do so wisely. These days, that wisdom includes much more than prudent practices like paying off your card’s balance each month. [read more]

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