Are You a SMART International Banking Customer?

by Jac La Tour

smart international banking

June 26, 2014

If we’ve learned anything at ECCU by serving missionaries, it’s that they really appreciate good banking services. Consider this story:

A missionary in South Africa finds out about suspicious charges on her debit card. The alert comes from ECCU…before fraudsters are able to pile up charges on her account.

Her email response is immediate: “Once again, thank you for keeping an eye on this and giving me confidence that the very little money that I do get for support is safe with you guys.”

Another thing we’ve learned is that the longer missionaries are on the field, the more likely they are to become smart banking customers. When it comes to how missionaries should think about banking, smart makes a good acronym. Here’s what it stands for:


From fraud and online threats to lost or stolen cards, the more you know about risks, the better you’re able to help protect your information and funds.


Wisely stewarding your money is difficult enough. The “international” dimension makes it even harder. It literally pays to learn how to better manage your money from the field.


Few things are more essential to effectiveness on the field than having access to cash when you need it. Smart banking customers are aware of their options for accessing cash and know when and how to use them.


When you’re serving halfway around the world, good banking results from good relationships—with your bank, your sponsor organization, your supporters, and others.


Banking today involves an array of tools—like online banking, debit cards, ACH, and wire transfers. When understood and used appropriately, these tools can make banking from the field easier.

What lessons have you learned that helped you become a smart international banking customer?

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