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Managing Money when You Live Outside the US, Part 3

They may not say it, but it’s natural for members of your financial support team to wonder where the money goes. If you’re living in a less developed country, it would be logical for them to expect your cost of living to be less than in the US, when oftentimes it’s not. This perception gives you an ideal opportunity to tell a story or two that not only shows them the cost of living and working where you do, but also the impact of their investment in your work. [read more]

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$1,000 in Savings – Do you have it?

Saving $1,000 seems downright unreasonable when you’re barely covering your expenses. I’ve been there. Several years ago... [read more]

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Technology Can Help You Monitor Your Finances

It’s been said that managing money isn’t rocket science because finances are black and white. That may be true, but it can feel like a daunting responsibility when you’re living and working half a world away. The good news is that AdelFi’s online banking technology can make this essential discipline much easier. Here’s how. [read more]

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Living Outside the U.S.? Don’t Take Banking for Granted

The to-do list for missionaries preparing to live abroad is long. Many items on the list are routine. But these days, banking isn’t one of them. Several laws passed in recent years have made some banks in the U.S. and abroad skittish about serving American citizens living outside the States. Some people have had difficulty opening accounts; others’ accounts have been closed. [read more]

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Managing Money When You Live Outside the US, Part 1

Just as when you’re on home assignment, you want to be smart about how you spend the money your support team gives when you’re living and serving internationally. Three areas that may not seem to bring the risk of wasting these funds have to do with how you access and spend them. Here are some tips for how to be smart about exchanging currency, getting cash and making purchases. [read more]

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Support Your Missionary Friends by Telling Them about ECCU

Good news is meant to be shared, right? If you read a great book, you just have to commend it to your friends. Same with a good restaurant. But what about a good bank? [read more]

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