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When You Move, Choose Your Bank Carefully

ECCU is honored that over 4,000 missionaries trust us with their banking needs. [read more]

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Is It Bad to Use Credit Cards?

Ever wonder how much your kids learn by watching what you do? Some years after our kids left home, we had a conversation with them about the use of credit. Based on what they saw growing up, they thought borrowing money and using credit cards was bad. That misperception was our bad. [read more]

Category: Missionary Minded

No Matter Where You Live, Technology Brings Banking to Your Fingertips

If you live and work outside the US, you may remember the days when easy access to financial services was just a dream. Well, this is one dream that came true thanks to today’s online and mobile banking services. [read more]

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Your Mobile Phone - Your New Favorite Bank Branch

The ability to do your banking with your phone or tablet is truly a game changer: It means you can now do things today instead of next week or next month. [read more]

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Home Is Where Kids Can Learn to Manage Money

I learned how to manage money the hard way. I stepped out into the world full of enthusiasm but with frequently empty pockets. My parents, who didn’t handle money well, unintentionally taught me to do the same. [read more]

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What Accounts Are Best for Missionaries?

Okay, now that you’re serious about saving, where should you put your money? It’s a good question. To be a smart saver, you’ll need to answer a few others first. [read more]

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