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Are You a SMART International Banking Customer?

If we’ve learned anything at ECCU by serving missionaries, it’s that they really appreciate good banking services. Consider this story... [read more]

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Banking Auto-magically

Few things are more stressful than being in the dark about your finances. Once you miss a payment or become overdrawn, it can snowball from there. With all you do in the field, things like making a... [read more]

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ATM Withdrawal Limits

As missionaries we sometimes need to pay cash for items that we could easily buy with our credit/debit card or check in the US. So, it’s not uncommon for us to withdraw large amounts of cash using an ATM to pay for capital items. At times we’ve had difficulties taking out as much cash as we need, so we’ve planned our ATM withdrawals with that in mind. The reality is that there are limits involved with ATM cash withdrawals, but with some knowledge, trial and error, there are still ways to get the cash you need. One limit is the daily limit on withdrawals allowed by your bank. For example, ECCU’s standard daily (24hr) ATM limit for withdrawals is $1010 USD, or the available balance (whichever’s lower), and for POS (point of sale)... [read more]

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