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Bootcamp Develops Missionary Support-Raising Solutions



April 13, 2018

When missionaries are preparing for life abroad, it’s no secret that fundraising ranks fairly low on the “what I love about missions” meter.

Raising money is typically not a popular pursuit compared to the excitement of adapting to a new culture or developing specialized ministry skills. But the hard truth is that missionary activity can face frustrating interruptions without a consistent flow of vital financial resources.

This month, ECCU is working with Support Raising Solutions (SRS), a ministry of Center for Mission Mobilization, whose goal is to help tear down barriers that hold people back from raising their personal support, by offering training and resources that help missionaries biblically fund their ministries.

May 21-22, ECCU opens its Southern California campus to host an SRS Bootcamp—where SRS staff train Christian workers to become spiritually healthy, vision-driven, and fully funded. ECCU Associate Vice President Schuyler Francine said he anticipates a powerful response from the two-day event.

“This is not sitting around listening to lectures all day. It’s a high energy, engaging presentation that offers a wealth of practical information, interaction, and exercises.”

Schuyler explained that many missionaries are experienced at presenting their need for resources, “but when it comes to actually asking for support, there is often a gap between what is needed and what is ultimately raised.”

He noted how the barriers are not the same for every missionary. “For some, it may be their philosophy of fundraising, and others may lack a healthy understanding or practical skills to communicate effectively about raising support,“ he continued. “Either way, the need is left unmet.”

The SRS Bootcamp is a completely interactive and engaging workshop that helps workers confidently communicate the biblical foundation for living on support, learn and rehearse a support-raising presentation for maximum face-to-face impact, all while discovering how to cultivate lasting relationships with supporters.

Schuyler explained that ECCU serves more than 4,000 missionaries worldwide by providing low-cost banking services, “however, one of the greatest needs of those going to and currently on the mission field is raising and maintaining their support.”

“The mission of SRS includes tearing down barriers that hold people back from raising their personal support. The mission of ECCU is to fuel Christ-centered ministry worldwide and to partner with like-minded Great Commission organizations to that end,” he added.  “Working with SRS is another way to better equip missionaries.”

Efforts like the SRS Bootcamps are tremendous tools in developing a strong army of well-funded missionaries all around the world.

Learn more about the upcoming SRS Bootcamp at the ECCU auditorium.

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