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Bootcamp Develops Missionary Support-Raising Solutions

When missionaries are preparing for life abroad, it’s no secret that fundraising ranks fairly low on the “what I love about missions” meter. Raising money is typically not a popular pursuit compared to the excitement of adapting to a new culture or developing specialized ministry skills. But the hard truth is that missionary activity can face frustrating interruptions without a consistent flow of vital financial resources. [read more]

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Support and Social Media - 5 Tips for Effective Digital Fundraising

Biblical fundraising is like baking a cake — face-to-face appeals are the main ingredients, and social media is the frosting on top. Here are five suggestions for effectively using social media in your fundraising. [read more]

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Review. It’s a Great Way to Renew

Many of us do so with resolute determination, hence New Year’s resolutions. But before you gaze over the 2018 horizon, here’s an idea. Look back on the year gone by and ask a few questions. [read more]

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Fundraising Training Teaches Vital Team Building Techniques

Spiders, heights, confined spaces. . . all fairly common phobias, yet these are mere child’s play for most missionaries compared to the fear of fundraising. Who to talk to, what to say, and how much to ask for—where can a support-seeking servant turn for help in becoming fully funded? [read more]

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The Four Ds of Discouragement in Ministry Fundraising

In ministry fundraising, as in life, you will face discouragement—guaranteed! Especially when you receive a “no” when you expected a “yes” from your last fundraising appointment! Although it’s impossible to avoid feeling disheartened, it’s possible to overcome these feelings by identifying the four Ds of discouragement in ministry fundraising. Here’s what to do when the blues color your view. [read more]

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Summer’s Coming. Send Your Supporters a Postcard!

Like you, the people who support your ministry are busy as summer gets underway. With the school year ending and graduations and weddings on their minds, how can you get their attention for an update? Well, summer’s here, so send a postcard. Here are some ideas to get you started. [read more]

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