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Social Media & Year-end Fundraising

Certain people respond generously to snail-mailed appeals, but many others respond to social media channels to prompt generous support for missionaries and ministries. [read more]

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Okay, You Need a New Website. What Will It Cost?

There’s a business adage that says you have to spend money to make money. In ministry, we’re not looking to make money, but we do need to raise money to... [read more]

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Fundraising and my Website – What’s the Significance?

How can missionaries improve their fundraising efforts? Make sure your website is doing its job. The Internet brought HUGE advancements for the missionary/supporter communication. [read more]

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The Numbers Are in. There’s Money for Ministry.

Early in my walk with Jesus I heard a pastor mention this text to show that God has plenty of resources at his disposal for kingdom work. “To meet a need,” the pastor said, “all God has to do is sell one of his cattle.” [read more]

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Excuses to Eliminate Today!

From my baseball days I remember the team sometimes giving excuses for mediocre play. And…sometimes I did too! Our excuses started with words like: “Gee Coach…the sun was in my eyes!” “Gee Coach…the infield dirt has stones. The ball takes bad bounces.” “Gee Coach, the umpire is blind!” When it comes to fundraising... [read more]

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The Emotions of Fundraising

I was in Michigan coaching a gifted missionary couple, and it wasn’t going well. During a long and frustrating discussion on fundraising at their kitchen table, the husband blurted out... [read more]

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