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May 17, 2017


Adam and Anna Day are finally about to land in Manila for their first missionary assignment. During their years of educational and spiritual training, they were doing what every missionary does as a side-gig  –Fundraising.

However, the Days took advantage of an ECCU missionary membership to help stretch and grow their funds. So, along with saving some major money on overseas banking fees (up $600 each year), they enjoyed special interest rates on specific savings and checking accounts.

“ECCU saves us money on international fees, while they are actually making us money with a high rate on our savings account,” she explained. “It made a significant difference for us.”

In other words, some of the money that would normally be wasted on overseas ATM, transfer and credit card fees is able to be saved and funneled back into ministry. In addition, as fundraising continues, their ECCU savings account balance continues to grow at an exceptional rate.

Read more about Adam and Anna Day.


When you find something good, you want to share it.

When it comes down to it, one of the most important ways you support missionaries is with your personal interaction. Whether you respond to a monthly update letter, share some family news or even send a check, you are providing practical help by making a vital personal connection.

At ECCU, we want to help you expand your efforts even further—a million times further!

Last year alone, ECCU saved 4,000 missionaries more than $1 million in international banking fees—and with your help, more missionaries can save even more money.

Please tell your missionary friends about the valuable benefits of ECCU membership.

The only cost is a membership fee, and right now, ECCU is paying all new missionary membership fees.

Why do we offer all of this? Because at ECCU, missionaries are a vital part of our mission—fueling Christ-centered ministry worldwide.

So please tell your missionary friends about saving with ECCU:

  • Forward this email directly to them
  • Share the link in email or on social media
  • Talk with them about ECCU in your own words

With your help, we can continue supporting missionaries around the world!

Please note: If specific missionary friends live in a religiously-sensitive location, please do not send any information that could compromise them or their efforts. We would be glad to contact them with a discreet, general communication if you would like to share their contact information.

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