I Found the Right Credit Card!

by Stephanie Barbre

finding the right credit card

September 29, 2017

Do you get credit card offers in your mailbox or email inbox all the time? I do. There’s the low interest card, the one with cash back rewards, an offer for travel points with a low annual fee, an affinity card, one that gives back, and so many more.

With so many offers out there, how can you choose the right one for you? I was recently given a unique opportunity to solve the credit card conundrum. I work at ECCU as a product manager, and this opportunity came as an assignment. I was asked to recommend enhancements to ECCU’s credit card that would meet more of our member’s needs.

It was easy to come up with what the credit card could include. I’m the type of credit card user who charges everything, from groceries to my children’s tuition to lunch with coworkers, and then I pay it off each month. This was my opportunity to maximize rewards and manage cash flow. So the card I’d want would have these features:

  • No annual fee
  • Higher cash back for every purchase without limits
  • No spending categories that earn less cash back than others
  • And a card that gives back to a Christ-minded cause would be nice too

When I made my recommendation, there wasn’t anything on the market that offered all these features in one card. Now there is! ECCU recently introduced the new Visa® Gold Everyday Cashback Credit Card. It offers 1.5% cash back on every purchase with no annual fee. And ECCU’s international missionaries and ministries don’t have to pay Visa’s international transaction fee. Plus, funds on deposit at ECCU are used for kingdom purposes, so this card even invests in ministry.

Now I don’t have to give any of the credit card offers that come in the mail a second look. I finally have the right card in my wallet. And it’s the only one I need.

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