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Is ECCU Still Your Best Banking Option?



February 5, 2018

More than 4,000 missionaries bank with ECCU today. Many have been long-time members. Maybe you’re one of them. But things change, right? Are the reasons you joined ECCU still valid? Or, if you’re considering ECCU membership, are there actually compelling reasons to join? To find out, let’s look at the benefits and distinctives of ECCU membership for missionaries.

  • You save money. Whether you live inside or outside the US, you have to do your banking somewhere. Missionaries who choose ECCU save an average of $600 in banking fees each year. That’s money that you could invest directly in ministry. Plus, you don’t pay for international ATM withdrawals. You’ll find details about all the ways you save money here.
  • You tap into long years of experience. In many ways banking internationally is different from banking in the States. ECCU has been helping missionaries do it for more than 50 years. In the process, the credit union has developed the technology, resources and expertise to make banking easy, efficient and secure for missionary members. A good example is the Missionary Survival Guide that we wrote about last month. As one missionary member said, “ECCU seems to understand the issues of those living abroad more than any other US bank I have come across.” You can read more about this member benefit here.
  • You become part of a family. If you visit the About page on the ECCU website, you’ll find that ECCU members are committed to “sharing our resources to grow and support ministry.” But it goes much deeper than shared resources. Just ask Anna Day. She now serves as a missionary with her husband in the Philippines. But before heading to the field, she spent 10 years as an ECCU staffer. So she knows what to expect as a missionary member. “ECCU staff interacted  with missionary members as though they were family,” Anna says, “going above and beyond to help with their banking needs.”
  • Your banking matches your values. Maybe the most compelling thing about ECCU membership is that it’s another way to live out your family and missional values. Family helps family, and as an ECCU member, you have the assurance that your money is part of the reason the credit union can serve missionaries so well. Here’s a summary of the way this works from the blog “Your Membership Could Mean Millions to Missionaries”:

As a member, every dollar you deposit with ECCU is put to work generating a return on your investment. Your portion of that return goes right back to you in the form of interest; meanwhile, ECCU uses another part of that return to cover the cost of international fees for missionary members. So, every ECCU member makes a difference, just by using everyday banking services.

Of course you’re the only one who can answer the question, “Is ECCU your best banking option?” But considering these distinctives, “Yes” just might be the right answer.

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