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Joel Garcia Banks on ECCU to Fulfill Kingdom-Building Missionary Work


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August 25, 2016

The average U.S. worker spends 47 hours a week at work – and 80 percent of them are dissatisfied with their jobs.

But not Joel Garcia. The electronic processing representative believes where you work matters – as well as where you bank matters – and that’s why he works for ECCU.

Joel joined ECCU in December 2012 to help support the growth of ministry worldwide. He believes his work helps improve members’ financial lives and gives them the opportunity to align their finances with their faith.

This ability to line up your faith with how you choose to live your life is important to Joel. His role in the Electronic Payment Systems group at ECCU allows him to help ECCU fuel Christ-centered ministry worldwide because he works directly with our missionary members.

Joel says that ECCU helps missionaries thrive. Their membership gives them access to practical financial resources focusing on biblical principles as well as tips on fundraising, travel, international banking and more. And Joel’s work helps missionaries use banking accounts and services designed specifically for them, such as reduced fees to save on international transactions. In 2013, ECCU’s missionary members saved almost $800,000 in fees based on the national average.

The part-time pastor at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace in Yorba Linda, California, is not only passionate about helping missionaries because that’s his job. He’s also a missionary who traveled to India in February 2015 to spread Kingdom-building messages to locals living in Dehradun, the capital city in the state of Uttarakhand, located in the northern part of India.

“This trip wouldn’t have been possible without ECCU’s support,” he said. “ECCU offers employees short-term grants for missionary trips. They even provided PTO so I could attend the trip with my church.”

While in Dehradun, Joel and two other members of Calvary Chapel Saving Grace ran a school of ministry to train local followers of Christ to become pastors and start their own churches serving their communities.

The team also provided Bibles and other materials to these fledgling ministries and led a youth worship conference.

“Their determination to learn with so little resources is awe-inspiring,” Joel observed. “They display their dedication to Christ without fear, despite living in a sometimes hostile environment. They walk miles and miles every day to spread the gospel to people at four churches.”

Before his missions trip to India, Joel has run youth workshop groups back at home and attended church-organized relief trips to aid people affected by the 2004 tsunami that decimated Thailand – but nothing prepared him for what he experienced.

“The fact that ECCU helped out is indicative of something bigger than delivering on the bottom line,” Joel said. “ECCU helps its community be Kingdom leaders. They make sacrifices so we can spread the gospel. By letting me go on this trip, ECCU showed me just how committed they are to fueling Christ’s ministry worldwide and supporting employees in doing something special for the Kingdom. Money means and does more here – it’s not just a saying.”

Joel expects to return to Dehradun in 2017. In the meantime, however, he plans to apply what he learned as a missionary to providing even better service to ECCU missionary members.

“I came back from India with a better perspective on what our missionary members need,” he said. “I understand better how my work here at ECCU is an important part of members’ experiences abroad. I may play a small role in their missions trip, but it’s an important one. The last thing we at ECCU want is for our members to worry about their money or experience any hassles. I’m even more inspired to do a better job and ensure missionary members get the funding they need efficiently.”

A lot of missionaries like Joel bank with ECCU because we recognize their banking needs and work hard to meet them. Check out other members’ stories here.

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