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Nurture Relationships with Your Donors and See what Can Happen

by Jac La Tour

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January 14, 2016

I read a blog recently that reminded me of two things. One, blogs are a great way to nurture relationships with your donors because they make it easy to keep telling your story. And two, God’s plans are way bigger than mine.

The blog I read, “Surprise Tears at Fundraiser,” was written by Cru staffer Jennifer Abegg. It tells the story of Campus Crusade for Christ in Canada’s Power to Change campaign, which is a story in itself. But this blog focuses on what happened because a Cru staffer invited a guy named Glenn to attend a fundraising breakfast for the campaign.

The goal of the invitation, of course, was to give Glenn an opportunity to learn about the campaign in hopes he’d support if financially. But God’s agenda was much bigger. Here’s how Abegg reports what happened:

At the end, [Glenn} approached Paul McDonald, who works with Power to Change. Glenn was crying.

"Glenn," Paul asked, "what happened?" Glenn said he had heard truths about God that he had never known before. So, Paul explained the gospel to him. Glenn asked Jesus to be his Savior.

Glenn told Paul later, "Now that I think back, when you invited me to this meeting, you said it would be about raising money. What I heard you say was “Come find out about God."

There are several lessons to be learned here. First, your fundraising efforts are just as much a ministry activity as your missionary work. And second, keep this in mind not only as you tell your story but also when deciding who you should include on your contact list.

You never know when the planting, watering and cultivating of the gospel that God has been orchestrating in a person’s life is ready to bear the fruit of faith. And you might just be the one who gets to hear them say, “I believe in Jesus!”

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