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Offset Your Summer Travel Expenses: Use Travel Time to Connect with Your Donors

by Jac La Tour

journal sunglasses and mobile phone

May 24, 2016

Are you one of the many missionaries who will either be on the road or in the air sometime during the summer months? You may be traveling for fun, but often it’s an essential ministry expense, either way, it can become a fundraising opportunity. You can use those long flights, train trips or drives to work on communications that nurture relationships with your donors. Here are a few suggestions:

Journal as you travel

My younger son is a master at this discipline. He captures key moments, encounters and experiences to be sure he remembers the details. Those notes become grist for several stories, which he writes later when he has the time. You can do the same time as you travel. Keep your iPad or a small journal handy to note your experiences. Then, later in your trip or after you get home, turn those notes into stories and send them to your financial support team via email or e-newsletter.

Catalogue your travels on social media as you go

The people who support your work appreciate hearing and seeing how their contributions translate into Christ-centered ministry. So as you travel, in addition to taking notes, take photos and videos, then blog and tweet and post on Instagram and other platforms to show people what you’re up to, thank them for making it possible and invite them to support specific needs or projects along the way.

Text your support team when God meets a critical need during your travels

Few things build our faith more than hearing firsthand accounts from people we know and love of God’s good work in their lives. So when God provides the people or resources you need, or orchestrates a series of events to help you fulfill your mission, text your support team and let them know. This kind of communication not only encourage others, but sometimes prompt them to give.

There are other benefits to capturing and communicating your summer travel stories. You’re more alert to what’s going on around you. You’re sometimes energized as you recount and write them, which is a great antidote to travel fatigue. And when you get home, you have much less follow-up communication, because you’ve kept in touch with people all along the way.

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