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Missionary Minded

Thinking about Giving

Quick quiz: What are a lot of people thinking about these days? It’s giving, right? God showed us what love looks like by giving His Son. Each December many follow his example and express love by giving. [read more]

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Excuses to Eliminate Today!

From my baseball days I remember the team sometimes giving excuses for mediocre play. And…sometimes I did too! Our excuses started with words like: “Gee Coach…the sun was in my eyes!” “Gee Coach…the infield dirt has stones. The ball takes bad bounces.” “Gee Coach, the umpire is blind!” When it comes to fundraising... [read more]

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Travel Blog: Saving Beyond the Big Ticket Items

Sometimes saving money while traveling isn’t just about big ticket items like great airfare or hotel bargains. You can also find ways to save a little bit here and there. Think about... [read more]

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Are You a SMART International Banking Customer?

If we’ve learned anything at ECCU by serving missionaries, it’s that they really appreciate good banking services. Consider this story... [read more]

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Does Your Account Fuel Ministry?

Ever wonder what your money is doing when you aren’t using it? Sure, it’s sitting in your savings account earning interest. At ECCU, our members’ deposits also help fuel ministry. But what does that look like? [read more]

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How to Manage Cash when Traveling Internationally

Because I work at ECCU, I get the privilege of not only serving missionaries through banking, but using some of the best practices I’ve learned for my own short-term missions trips. I went on a short-term mission trip to Hungary in 1998. The first day of our... [read more]

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