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Missionary Minded

Celebrating God’s Faithfulness Together

Songs have a way of communicating magnificent realities with a minimum of words. Such is the case with one of my favorite hymns—Great Is Thy Faithfulness. Notice how this brief line captures the spirit of the gospel: Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. These few words also capture the reality of what God did in and through ECCU... [read more]

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When Are My Taxes Due If I Live Abroad?

This simple question would seem to have a simple answer, but like most things having to do with the IRS, it’s not as straightforward... [read more]

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Banking Auto-magically

Few things are more stressful than being in the dark about your finances. Once you miss a payment or become overdrawn, it can snowball from there. With all you do in the field, things like making a... [read more]

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The Emotions of Fundraising

I was in Michigan coaching a gifted missionary couple, and it wasn’t going well. During a long and frustrating discussion on fundraising at their kitchen table, the husband blurted out... [read more]

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Ask the Experts: U.S. Taxes and Missionaries

Did you know that serving in another country does not exempt you from U.S. tax responsibilities? Missionaries living overseas who are... [read more]

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Exchanging Money: Compare Costs While Traveling

It’s only money! And while it can’t buy happiness, it sure is nice to have access to the currency you need when you’re traveling. When you go from one country to another, you’re going to pay a little of... [read more]

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