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Missionary Minded

Preventing Identity Theft

We hear about it all the time but it’s easy to think that identity theft happens to other people, until you become one of the other people. Then the nightmare begins. One source estimates that 10 percent of Americans have had their identities stolen, costing them an average of $5,000 and requiring over 300 hours to recover from the theft. Add the... [read more]

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Traveling with Money

So, you’re off on another trip abroad. You’ve probably planned for some time, but let’s pause to talk about an important travel topic—money. As a fellow missionary traveler, I’ve learned answers to some questions that may help. How much money will I need? This is best... [read more]

Category: Missionary Minded

End-of-Year Fundraising: Twelve Benchmarks for Great Cash Appeal Letters

The end of 2013 is upon us, and you’re likely thinking about end-of-year donations. Here are tips on how to maximize responses to those end-of-year appeal letters. You needn’t be a Pulitzer Prize... [read more]

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Now You Get to Ask the Experts

I once helped plan a series of seminars that gave people access to experts—like doctors and estate planners and vocational coaches—who provided information to help them... [read more]

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Where in the World Can You Find an ECCU Missionary Member?

When you live and work outside the U.S., your banking needs tend to differ from the average consumer. Most people in the states don’t have to worry about exchange rates or international wires. You do. A lot of missionaries bank with ECCU because we recognize their banking needs and work hard to meet them. As their number has grown... [read more]

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Life Lessons from Living Abroad

Missionaries are flexible…and…if they aren’t by nature, then they’ll soon learn how to master the art. We hear so often about those who’ve adapted, worked through a problem, or figured... [read more]

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