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Is ECCU Still Your Best Banking Option?

More than 4,000 missionaries bank with ECCU today. Many have been long-time members.But things change, right? Are the reasons you joined ECCU still valid? Or, if you’re considering ECCU membership, are there actually compelling reasons to join? [read more]

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Support and Social Media - 5 Tips for Effective Digital Fundraising

Biblical fundraising is like baking a cake — face-to-face appeals are the main ingredients, and social media is the frosting on top. Here are five suggestions for effectively using social media in your fundraising. [read more]

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Learn 10 Ways to Predict Mission Fraud Abroad

Don’t miss this powerful missionary webinar examining why fraud and false reporting happens in ministry around the world. [read more]

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Looking for a good guide to thrive on the field? Here it is!

New place. New people. New challenges. How can you flourish as a missionary? One key is finding the right resources to help you make the transition. And now a whole lot of them are available in once place online. [read more]

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Money? It’s a Good Idea!

Does it seem odd to think about making financial New Year’s resolutions? Turns out it’s a more common practice than you’d expect. According to a recent survey by Fidelity Investments, a third of Americans do it. Strangely, that number is down from 43 percent just four years ago. And according to several financial experts, that’s not a good sign. [read more]

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Finances on the Field: Choosing a Missionary Banking Partner

“For missionaries, it’s vital to not only have support, but the right support,” according to Aaron Babyar, director of Support Raising Solutions. “And finding the right banking partner is part of helping Christian workers become spiritually healthy, vision-driven, and fully funded.” [read more]

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