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I Found the Right Credit Card!

Do you get credit card offers in your mailbox or email inbox all the time? I do. With so many offers out there, how can you choose the right one for you? [read more]

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Managing Money when You Live Outside the US, Part 3

They may not say it, but it’s natural for members of your financial support team to wonder where the money goes. If you’re living in a less developed country, it would be logical for them to expect your cost of living to be less than in the US, when oftentimes it’s not. This perception gives you an ideal opportunity to tell a story or two that not only shows them the cost of living and working where you do, but also the impact of their investment in your work. [read more]

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Fundraising Training Teaches Vital Team Building Techniques

Spiders, heights, confined spaces. . . all fairly common phobias, yet these are mere child’s play for most missionaries compared to the fear of fundraising. Who to talk to, what to say, and how much to ask for—where can a support-seeking servant turn for help in becoming fully funded? [read more]

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The Four Ds of Discouragement in Ministry Fundraising

In ministry fundraising, as in life, you will face discouragement—guaranteed! Especially when you receive a “no” when you expected a “yes” from your last fundraising appointment! Although it’s impossible to avoid feeling disheartened, it’s possible to overcome these feelings by identifying the four Ds of discouragement in ministry fundraising. Here’s what to do when the blues color your view. [read more]

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Managing Money When You Live Outside the US, Part 2

From the time you start learning about money, you’re encouraged to protect it. Get a piggy bank. Open a bank account. As adults today, we’re all too aware of the challenges of keeping our money safe. What about when you live and travel internationally? Here are some common-sense ways to protect the funds people invest in your ministry. [read more]

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Technology Can Help You Monitor Your Finances

It’s been said that managing money isn’t rocket science because finances are black and white. That may be true, but it can feel like a daunting responsibility when you’re living and working half a world away. The good news is that AdelFi’s online banking technology can make this essential discipline much easier. Here’s how. [read more]

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