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Should Missionaries Save?

August 9, 2012

by Vere Reynolds

You might think it’s a silly question. After all, everyone should save for things like emergencies, retirement, or college, right? Well, missionaries typically rely on donors to fund their ministry and livelihood, so it’s not always easy to save.

Not easy, though, doesn’t mean not possible. To learn how you can begin saving, take a look at this video of Scott Morton. He’s your funding coach, and he understands the reality you live in when trying to determine how, and how much, to save.

Once you decide to start saving, you quickly learn that savings accounts are not all the same. You need one with features and benefits that complement your savings goals.                             

A popular choice for ECCU member missionaries is Provision Savings. It’s an excellent longer-term saving option—for things like home assignment or retirement—that’s specifically designed around missionary needs. For example, Provision Savings account holders can access tools like a home assignment savings calculator. This interactive interview-style tool helps you predict your home assignment expenses and set up specific savings goals, so you know how much to put aside each month.

How have you have been able to incorporate saving money into your funding plan? Comment below to let others know.

If you enjoyed the above video, take a look at this one on Practical Fundraising Help for Missionaries. Share it with your fellow missionaries, and let us know what you think.

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