Simple Banking Questions Every Missionary Should Ask


missionary banking questions

January 10, 2017

You’re headed to the mission field. That means you’ve been checking off items on multiple to-do lists for months. We’d like to save you a little time by taking care of one of those lists. Here are five questions you need to answer before moving outside the U.S.

  1. Is my bank prepared for me living abroad?
    • Some banks in the U.S. and abroad can be hesitant about serving American citizens living outside the states. ECCU has been serving missionary members for decades and understands both their needs and the regulatory requirements for a financial institution serving them.
  2. Can I wire funds from my U.S. bank to a local bank where I serve outside the US?
    • Yes you can, but with different time zones and country codes, wiring funds can be difficult. ECCU makes it easier for missionary members with a mobile app that lets you to wire funds at your convenience.
  3. How will I access my accounts internationally?
    • Few people are more familiar with the challenges of banking outside the US than missionaries. So, accessing your account information from a phone, tablet or laptop can be a game changer. With online and mobile banking, it’s easy to transfer money, make or collect payments, and deposit checks.
  4. What are my bank’s international fees?
    • ​Many common stateside transactions that are free may incur fees when done internationally. ECCU helps ease this expense for missionary members by giving them a bunch of free* features, like incoming wire transfers and ATM withdrawals. These features save missionaries hundreds of dollars a year in banking fees.**
  5. How will I do my banking internationally?
    • More than 4,000 missionaries worldwide and some of the largest mission sending agencies in the US trust ECCU to be their banking resource.

You can learn all about the banking services ECCU provides missionary members here. 


*  With Missionary Checking Accounts only.
** For complete information and fees on all of ECCU’s accounts, please visit 

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