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Summer’s Coming. Send Your Supporters a Postcard!


missionary postcard

June 6, 2017

Like you, the people who support your ministry are busy as summer gets underway. With the school year ending and graduations and weddings on their minds, how can you get their attention for an update? Well, summer’s here, so send a postcard. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Make it attention getting

Start by putting a picture on the photo side that illustrates the impact of the recipient’s faithful financial support. Maybe it’s a child you’re helping, or a family, enjoying the benefits of your service. If yours is a behind-the-scenes role, use a picture of people who your team members are directly impacting because you support their front-line work. Besides a compelling photo, use a design that makes good use of color and type fonts (without getting cheesy!).

Keep the words to a minimum

The beauty of a postcard is that there’s not space to say too much. That means every word should count. Give a concrete example of the impact of the recipient’s giving. You could do this by explaining the subject in the photo on the card. Or describing a special project and the people it will affect. Or giving a preview of the impact their contributions will have this summer, with specific examples.

Be sure to say thank you

Never pass up an opportunity to thank your support team for their generosity. Doing so also gives you a chance to remind them of how important their gifts are during the summer and invite them to give extra, especially if you’re involved in a special project. Let them know that a gift of any amount will help. And invite an immediate response, such as “Please consider a generous gift today.”


Be sure to include the web address for your blog or website. And remember to mention the button or tab that makes online giving easy.

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