How Do You Celebrate Thanksgiving on the Mission Field?

You’re headed to or serving in a part of the world that couldn’t be more different from the United States. Do traditional American holidays like Thanksgiving take a hiatus when you get there? Well, the short answer is no. [read more]

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Joel Garcia Banks on ECCU to Fulfill Kingdom-Building Missionary Work

Joel is not only passionate about helping missionaries because that’s his job. He’s also a missionary who traveled to India in February 2015 to spread Kingdom-building messages to locals living in Dehradun, located in the northern part of India. [read more]

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Nurture Relationships with Your Donors and See what Can Happen

I read a blog recently that reminded me of two things. One, blogs are a great way to nurture relationships with your donors because they make it easy to keep telling your story. And two, God’s plans are way bigger than mine. [read more]

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What Does a Ministry-Fueling Alliance Look Like?

When you say that ECCU is actually an alliance of people and organizations committed to fueling Christ-centered ministry worldwide—people sometimes wonder what that looks like. [read more]

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Where in the World Can You Find an ECCU Missionary Member?

When you live and work outside the U.S., your banking needs tend to differ from the average consumer. Most people in the states don’t have to worry about exchange rates or international wires. You do. A lot of missionaries bank with ECCU because we recognize their banking needs and work hard to meet them. As their number has grown... [read more]

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