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What missionary doesn’t feel the perpetual pressure of financial need? For most, raising support is an ongoing activity. [read more]

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Managing Money When You Live Outside the US, Part 2

From the time you start learning about money, you’re encouraged to protect it. Get a piggy bank. Open a bank account. As adults today, we’re all too aware of the challenges of keeping our money safe. What about when you live and travel internationally? Here are some common-sense ways to protect the funds people invest in your ministry. [read more]

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Missionary Kids and Money

Most of us missionary kids (MKs) learned how to see the world though our parents’ eyes. We learned about cross-cultural sensitivities and God’s love for all creeds and colors. Sometimes it was taught but most times simply observed. For example, I learned in Latin cultures to always talk about family and health before ever talking about business. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized why we always asked a business person about their family first. We gained each other’s trust that way. This is similar to kids and money. Just like my parents intentionally taught me about missions and cross cultural ministry, I can intentionally teach my kids... [read more]

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Managing Money When You Live Outside the US, Part 1

Just as when you’re on home assignment, you want to be smart about how you spend the money your support team gives when you’re living and serving internationally. Three areas that may not seem to bring the risk of wasting these funds have to do with how you access and spend them. Here are some tips for how to be smart about exchanging currency, getting cash and making purchases. [read more]

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7,000 Miles Away and Out of Money: Emergency Ideas for Missionaries

Over the years, I’ve fielded thousands of questions about fundraising, including how to prevent blind spots from derailing funding leadership. But the No. 1 question missionaries ask is how to raise capital quickly so they can continue their work. [read more]

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Summer’s Coming. Send Your Supporters a Postcard!

Like you, the people who support your ministry are busy as summer gets underway. With the school year ending and graduations and weddings on their minds, how can you get their attention for an update? Well, summer’s here, so send a postcard. Here are some ideas to get you started. [read more]

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