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Should I cancel my credit cards?

Early in our marriage, my wife and I applied for a flurry of credit cards for a variety of important reasons: building our credit history, earning large discounts, getting a free hat. But after the cards had served their original purpose, we paid them off and eventually found ourselves with a desk drawer full of cards that were rarely, if ever used. We wanted to be responsible, but we weren’t sure what to do. [read more]

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How to Avoid Surprises at Tax Time

Are you one of those people for whom tax time is nervous time, kind of like going to the dentist? You aren’t sure whether something unpleasant, like a cavity, is going to turn up? One way to reduce this anxiety is to know what the IRS requires of US citizens living and working abroad. [read more]

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You think saving money is hard? Try weathering a crisis without savings.

Most people know that saving money is important. But knowing and doing something about it are very different things. Let’s face it. Saving is a difficult discipline, which at least partly explains why “6 in 10 Americans don’t have $500 in savings.” [read more]

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When You Live Outside the US, It Does Matter where You Bank

Why would more than 4,000 missionaries living all around the world choose to bank with a credit union in Southern California? You may be one of those missionaries. I’m not, but as an ECCU relationship manager, I get to serve many of them indirectly by working with their sending agencies. Sometimes I even get to serve alongside them on the field on short-term trips. [read more]

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5 Best Practices for Banking Internationally

Missionaries need to answer some simple banking questions before heading abroad. But once you’re living and serving outside the US, how can your banking practices help you wisely steward your finances? Here are five best practices, plus some accounts and services that can help you implement them. [read more]

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Simple Banking Questions Every Missionary Should Ask

You’re headed to the mission field. That means you’ve been checking off items on multiple to-do lists for months. We’d like to save you a little time by taking care of one of those lists. Here are five questions you need to answer before moving outside the U.S. [read more]

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