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I Know Paul, but Who Are Phoebe, Prisca and Tychicus?

Name some people who stand out in Paul’s epistles. Barnabas and Timothy come quickly to mind for me. Like many missionaries today, these were familiar faces in the first-century church. But who stood behind them in their ministries? Turns out it was a lot more than three people. [read more]

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New Year Is a Good Time to Review Old Practices

Missionary life is a steady parade of paradoxes. The start of a new year is an ideal time to review old but proven financial practices. [read more]

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Not Going Home for the Holidays? What’s a Missionary to Do?

It takes some creativity, but you can make your home away from home feel like home. [read more]

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Year-end Is the Ideal Time to Tell a Story

Telling a story early in December—via email, on social media or on your blog—gives people an opportunity to respond quickly and to more fully engage in this season of giving. [read more]

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Get Creative when Traveling During the Holidays

Getting from Bangkok to Berlin is trickier than going from Nashville to New York. One common denominator is that traveling is usually more challenging during the holidays. [read more]

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Online Banking: A Great Option for Missionaries

It’s hard to imagine serving on the mission field without the Internet, isn’t it? Without online access to family, financial supporters and friends. There simply isn’t enough room in one blog to list all the positive ways this access affects your ministry. [read more]

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