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Help Your Kids Be Like Jesus. Teach them to Save and Give.

As a missionary, you may be skeptical about the idea of teaching your kids to manage money. One reason may be that you don’t have much discretionary income, but handling money wisely helps us to follow Jesus more closely. [read more]

Category: Missionary Minded

Nurture Relationships with Your Donors and See what Can Happen

I read a blog recently that reminded me of two things. One, blogs are a great way to nurture relationships with your donors because they make it easy to keep telling your story. And two, God’s plans are way bigger than mine. [read more]

Category: Missionary Minded

What Does the Bible Say about Borrowing?

You’re working hard at your calling but you don’t have enough money to pay for something—a car, a coat, a computer. Should you borrow money for that purchase? Should... [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your Neighbors

When our family moved to California from the Midwest, it was early September. And while we made that move years ago, I still recall how different Southern California seemed. When autumn... [read more]

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How Should You Be Spending Your Money?

It’s not hard to find statistics about how people are mismanaging their money—saving too little, spending (or borrowing) too much. But... [read more]

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The Top 3 Tax Mistakes Missionaries Make

When my wife and I walked by our neighbors’ house the other day, their son was outside tucked under the hood of his car, which was still running. Apparently, after he pulled in the driveway and turned the key off, the ignition just broke, so he was trying to figure out... [read more]

Category: Missionary Minded