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Be Sure You File this Tax Form!

Are you a missionary serving abroad? As tax time approaches, here’s a series of relevant questions for you: Are you listed as a signer on one or more... [read more]

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Does Your Budget Tell a Story?

Do you put budgeting and getting a root canal in the same category? No fun but you have to do it? You’re not alone. Budgeting can drain the life out of... [read more]

Category: Missionary Minded

Missionary Budgeting: Now’s the Time to Plan

It’s tax season again, and you’re likely going through your financial information. So… there’s no better time to review your budget, right? As a missionary, your budget... [read more]

Category: Missionary Minded

Missionary Saving Plans

You might think it’s a silly question. After all, everyone should save for things like emergencies, retirement, or college, right? Well, missionaries typically rely on... [read more]

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Statistics Every Missionary Should Know

Were statistics a big factor in your decision to become a missionary? Probably not, but they could be a resource to help you stay at it when the going gets tough. Did you know, for example, that... [read more]

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Does Your Account Fuel Ministry?

Ever wonder what your money is doing when you aren’t using it? Sure, it’s sitting in your savings account earning interest. At ECCU, our members’ deposits also help fuel ministry. But what does that look like? [read more]

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