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When Are My Taxes Due If I Live Abroad?

This simple question would seem to have a simple answer, but like most things having to do with the IRS, it’s not as straightforward... [read more]

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Ask the Experts: U.S. Taxes and Missionaries

Did you know that serving in another country does not exempt you from U.S. tax responsibilities? Missionaries living overseas who are... [read more]

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Exchanging Money: Compare Costs While Traveling

It’s only money! And while it can’t buy happiness, it sure is nice to have access to the currency you need when you’re traveling. When you go from one country to another, you’re going to pay a little of... [read more]

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Preventing Identity Theft

We hear about it all the time but it’s easy to think that identity theft happens to other people, until you become one of the other people. Then the nightmare begins. One source estimates that 10 percent of Americans have had their identities stolen, costing them an average of $5,000 and requiring over 300 hours to recover from the theft. Add the... [read more]

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Now You Get to Ask the Experts

I once helped plan a series of seminars that gave people access to experts—like doctors and estate planners and vocational coaches—who provided information to help them... [read more]

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Money Mistakes

Writing this travel blog with money-saving tips makes me conscious of whether I’m practicing what I preach. Kind of like preaching to the choir when the choir is me! Well, I’m giving it my best but sometimes we’re all supposed to learn from our failures—right? So here is my primer on dumb ways to... [read more]

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