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Travel Tips that Can Save You Time, Money and Hassle

If ever there was a year when people were nervous about international travel, 2017 is it. Between the President’s controversial travel ban and heightened violence in Europe and elsewhere, missionaries and others who need to travel outside the US have to be smart travelers this summer. Here are some top tips from experts, with links to many more. [read more]

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Not Going Home for the Holidays? What’s a Missionary to Do?

It takes some creativity, but you can make your home away from home feel like home. [read more]

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Get Creative when Traveling During the Holidays

Getting from Bangkok to Berlin is trickier than going from Nashville to New York. One common denominator is that traveling is usually more challenging during the holidays. [read more]

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Home Assignment Is Not a Vacation. (But be sure you take a vacation!)

Technology that has made the world seem smaller, has also changed the way many missionaries do furloughs. [read more]

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Offset Your Summer Travel Expenses: Use Travel Time to Connect with Your Donors

Whether you’re on the road or in the air use those long flights, train trips or drives to communicate with your donors. [read more]

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Easy Ways to Not Waste Money When Traveling Internationally

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reduce or eliminate the costs for things like airfare, foreign transaction fees on your credit card, and roaming charges on your cell phone? [read more]

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