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Cultural Economics

When we moved to Africa four years ago, I took my first real trip through the grocery store to look for items that I actually needed for our home. The store near where we lived had an amazing variety! You could buy everything from a loaf of bread... [read more]

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Travel Blog: Travel Agents

“Out with the old and in with the new!” That may be good advice for spring cleaning, but it may not always be the best money-saving counsel for travelers. Consider the once ever-present travel agent. It used to be that you could hardly imagine planning a trip of international import without the help of a world-wise agent and their trusty travel brochures. Then came the internet and suddenly we can plan our own itineraries and book our own hotels in Rio or Rome while based in Reno. Travel agencies... [read more]

Category: Missionary Minded

A Money-Saving Travel Lesson Well Learned

It just took a phone call, a form and a few minutes to put some well-spent dollars back in my pocket—here’s how. Recently I was attending a conference in Bangkok and... [read more]

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