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Where in the World Can You Find an ECCU Missionary Member?

by Jac La Tour

October 7, 2013

When you live and work outside the U.S., your banking needs tend to differ from the average consumer. Most people in the states don’t have to worry about exchange rates or international wires. You do.

missionary infograph

A lot of missionaries bank with ECCU because we recognize their banking needs and work hard to meet them. As their number has grown, so has our interest in better understanding who and where they live and serve. Which is where the idea came from for the picture you see here.

The term for a picture like this is infographic. It’s intended to tell a big story quickly with key images and information. This infographic tells a very big part of the ECCU story by showing how…and how far and wide we’re fueling Christ-centered ministry.

To God be the glory.

Category: Missionary Minded