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It’s Time to Celebrate with CLA!


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June 26, 2015

Ecclesiastes says, “There is a time for everything.” For ECCU’s long-time friend and partner—the Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA)—it’s time to celebrate! Two highly qualified people are about to join their team. On July 15, Dedra Herod will become CLA’s director of event experiences, and Heather McCulloch their director of business development and marketing.

There’s good reason for CLA to celebrate their new hires. Take a look at the news release to see the depth of their experience. This relational focus is a big reason ECCU values their partnership with CLA. As a national association that exists “to equip and unite leaders to transform the world for Christ,” CLA needs team members with the expertise to help them pursue their noble mission.

So to CLA, now is the time to say, “Congratulations!” And to Dedra Herod and Heather McCullough, “Welcome!”

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