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New Youth Accounts Keep Kids Accountable…to Parents



September 13, 2018

If you want your kids to understand money, it’s important to start young.

That’s the driving force behind Start Young Saving and Spending Accounts, the innovative financial tools recently launched to help children and parents work together to learn practical money skills based on biblical values.

Start Young Accounts from Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) encourage saving and responsible spending—all at a pace parents set.   These digital accounts give kids of all ages the hands-on features of adult banking, but with safeguards and limits that parents control.

 “As parents, we’re always searching for ways to teach practical money skills, but in a safe and realistic environment”, said Linda Carlson ECCU Homeschool Support Specialist. “Start Young Accounts do just that, providing age-appropriate bank accounts and digital features that allow a child to have as much account access as a parent decides.”

Banking app and Debit CardStart Young Accounts have no monthly maintenance fees or minimum balances, and they offer customized accounts for children aged 0-7, 8-12, and 13-17. Each account also comes with a Start Young Visa® Debit Card—allowing you to safely teach your children the basics of using money in a digital world.

“With you by their side, help them learn to make responsible purchases online or in a store,” Carlson said. “Plus, you can set spending limits and monitor their account from anywhere. Imagine, helping your busy teens build healthy spending habits.”


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Why Start Young?

Start Young Accounts help teach godly values about money—and practical skills for using it. Instilling responsibility, character and stewardship in a child is not a one-time event. It’s a process of training a child to appreciate, grow and guard their money, while giving parents the tools to help monitor their progress as they grow.

“These accounts reinforce what parents have already been teaching about responsibility and character, while giving them practical ways to engage,” Carlson added.

Start Young accounts are designed around bringing parents and children together. With online banking and the mobile app, you can work beside your kids as they learn to use an account, and then watch them remotely as they learn to spend and save wisely:

  • Know when and where they’re spending
  • Match spending limits to their maturity
  • Safely access accounts anytime, anywhere

“It’s the freedom for them to bank from anywhere and for you to monitor everything,” Carlson added.

Discover age-appropriate spending, saving and online budgeting features that kids love to use. Click here to find out more about the benefits of Start Young and how to start saving and spending responsibly—together!

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