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ECCU staff makes worldwide impact with this simple greeting

Missionaries in remote areas around the globe received a word of encouragement, literally, as ECCU staff recently set aside time to write personal letters to isolated Christian missionaries. [read more]

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You Can Get Control of Your Money!

“If you’re not careful, life has a way of making financial decisions for you.” Now there’s some practical wisdom. It comes from yet another ECCU resource that you may want to check out if it feels like you don’t have a firm enough grip on your finances. [read more]

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ECCU touted as a value-focused banking option

Choosing a bank that agrees with your values is becoming more possible and popular. This article features ECCU as a unique option. [read more]

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What Does Fueling Christ-centered Ministry Look Like?

When you say that ECCU is actually an alliance of people and organizations committed to fueling Christ-centered ministry worldwide—people sometimes wonder what that looks like. [read more]

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ECCU Promotes Three Directors to Lead Key Initiatives in 2017

Brea, CA – February 15, 2017 – Evangelical Christian Credit Union is pleased to announce its newest directors Kay An, Director of Human Resources; Valerie Blaze, Director of Marketing and Product Management; and Heath Burke, Director of Cash Management Operations. All three were promoted within the ECCU team, now serving in lead director roles at the organization. [read more]

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The Difference a Credit Union Makes: Putting Your Money where Your Heart Is

To celebrate International Credit Union Day this week, we are exploring what makes a credit union worth celebrating. In the first part of this series, we examined the way credit unions like ECCU put their members over profit. However, the benefits of being a credit union member goes beyond profits, to the sort of synergy that is created when people with similar values come together to meet a common need. [read more]

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