Serve Day...Our Chance to Walk in Your Shoes

ECCU’s staff members work here for all kinds of reasons. One common thread is that everyone knows their work indirectly helps the credit union’s members do what they’re called to do. [read more]

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Teaching Kids About Money?

I think of the lessons of these early years as foundation stones. They give our kids reference points to look back on as they grow and learn, and they give us opportunities to creatively craft learning experiences. [read more]

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When You Bank with ECCU...

Choosing a bank is a bit like choosing a doctor. You want to find one who has your interests at heart. As a follower of Jesus, one of your primary interests is to see God’s kingdom expand. The same is true at ECCU. This means that when you bank with ECCU, your money has eternal impact. [read more]

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Trafficking Survivors Trade Slavery for Hope

An epidemic creeps through our neighborhoods; stealing the bodies, minds and souls of children who are forced into unthinkable circumstances and trapped by the bonds of sex trafficking. [read more]

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What Does Fueling Christ-centered Ministry Look Like?

When you say that ECCU is actually an alliance of people and organizations committed to fueling Christ-centered ministry worldwide—people sometimes wonder what that looks like. [read more]

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Making a Difference Half a World Away: ECCU Membership Drives Donation

According to the UN Refugee Agency, there are currently more than 65 million people who have been forced from their homes due to war, conflict or persecution. Sadly, that number is growing. The UN estimates that 33,972 more people are displaced every single day. [read more]

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