Did Your Money Take You Where Your Heart Wanted to Go in 2014?

by Mark G. Holbrook


December 31, 2014

Where did 2014 take you financially? Or, as many are fond of asking, “Are you better off today than you were a year ago?”

Thankfully, much of the country rebounded from the Great Recession, as the U.S. economy grew an incredible 5 percent — the fastest pace in a decade. With cash flowing a little freer, investors returned to the game. The good times on Wall Street continued as the Dow topped the 18,000 threshold for the first time ever, and the NASDAQ and S&P 500 posted even bigger gains. And might it be possible that the days of $100 a barrel of oil are over?

At Evangelical Christian Credit Union, we also are assessing what happened with our organization in 2014 and assessing whether our growth was in alignment with our mission.

Certainly, it was a milestone year for us. In 2014, ECCU celebrated 50 years of providing ministry-centric financial services around the world. We also expanded our management lineup with the appointment of Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer Abel Pomar and Retail Banking Executive, Robert McDougall. Both officers will help us meet the evolving personal and ministry needs of our more than 10,000 members. Plus, in addition to a new, friendly website, we rolled out new financial services products for individuals.

And just as we take a retrospective look at world events or ECCU’s milestones, we invite you to assess you and your family’s own financial year in review. This is a time to ask ourselves a few candid questions. Did I steward and apply my God-given talents, time and treasure? Did I carve out resources to share generously — not just at the holidays but all year long? Am I wisely planning for the future while “laying up treasure in heaven?”

As you assess your financial health and set plan for 2014 and beyond, let us help you reach your goals. You’ll have the comfort of knowing you’re putting your money where your heart is. This year, we introduced four new checking and savings accounts. One may be just right for you next year to set up a savings account for emergency expenses or plan for retirement. Or you could even donate to your church or favorite ministry year-round with free, automatic bill pay. The choices are as endless as your stewardship opportunities.

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