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Vonette Bright Leaves a Lasting Legacy


Vonette Bright

January 6, 2016

Sometimes we can’t fully appreciate what’s ahead until we acknowledge what we’ve left behind. So it is today with the body of Christ. As we carry the Christmas message into a new year, we do so with profound sadness that a strong voice for the gospel has been silenced.

Vonette Bright, co-founder of Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as Cru in the U.S.), completed her long service to her Lord on December 23, 2015. The ECCU family joins Christ followers around the world in extending sympathy to Cru and the Bright family, even as we join them in praising God for the remarkable work he did through Vonette and her late husband William “Bill” R. Bright.

The Bright’s singular focus was to help others meet Jesus and learn to follow him. The scope of their service is a clear example of God doing “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20). Today Campus Crusade for Christ has more than 25,000 staff members and 300,000 volunteers working in 173 countries. And Crusade is just one of many ministries the Brights founded and supported.

As we at ECCU join ministries across the country in our commitment to Christ-centered ministry this new year, we are inspired by Vonette Bright’s tireless work to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Thank you, Vonette, for your example.

To learn more about Vonette Bright’s remarkable story, visit Cru’s website.


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