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Church Planting: Cash Flows Well When It’s Managed Wisely

Managing cash flow is a ministry function that nobody notices until you’re suddenly short on cash. It can be a challenge to have adequate cash during a time of year when giving traditionally dips. How can you wisely manage cash this summer? To find out, we asked executive pastors at several sending churches around the country. Four themes emerged from these conversations. [read more]

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Church Planting: Are You Putting Your Money Where Your Mission Is?

As the new year gets underway, so does the budgeting process for many church plants. It can be a laborious endeavor, can’t it? How do you make sure it’s worth the effort? One key is to build a budget that aligns directly with your missional priorities. It may take a bit of extra work, but this is one time when every ounce of that effort will be well spent. [read more]

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Is Your Vision Bigger Than Your Bank Account?

Done right, a capital campaign can turn your vision into reality. [read more]

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5 Reasons Digital Giving Is the Most Secure Way to Give

When your congregation generously entrusts you with the money God has given them, they’re expecting you to steward those resources carefully. It’s your responsibility to protect those resources and ensure they get used where they’re needed most... [read more]

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ECCU Family Life...Serving With Our Members

At ECCU, it’s been part of our culture for quite a while, and the latest give-back experience proves yet again that serving together is a win/win effort. [read more]

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If a loan makes sense for your church, would you qualify?

Years ago, if you’d asked a pastor about digital giving, they probably would’ve called it a fad. But it’s quickly becoming the norm. [read more]

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