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As the pandemic continues, how do you start adjusting your budget?

The term “essential” comes up in many pandemic conversations. It’s the right starting point for making decisions about budget adjustments. Think of essential as those things your organization must keep doing to stay on mission. [read more]

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Balance Family and Ministry During the Christmas Season?

For a busy church planter, the lines between ministry and family can easily blur during this time of year. How can you keep that blurring in check with a deliberate life balance? Here are a few thoughts. [read more]

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Give Your Team Gifts that Mean More than Money

December + Christmas = Giving Gifts to Your Team. And for many ministry leaders, the go-to gift for their team members is bonuses. Before you cut those checks, you may want to read a Harvard Business Review article that questions the motivational power of money. [read more]

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Thanksgiving: A Good Time to Tackle the “Loneliness Epidemic

Biblical Generosity is the recognition that God owns everything and that we, as the great recipients of his grace and love, enjoy the privilege of participating in God’s care for others. [read more]

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Is Digital Giving Less Spiritual?

Stop just talking about digital giving. Now is the time to implement it! Digital giving is the smart way to curb declining revenue. It’s time to make digital giving a priority [read more]

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Fun, Hands-On Lessons to Jump Start Kids’ Financial Future

What if kids could understand how money works from early on, learning to use money as a tool instead of a scarce resource. [read more]

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