Yes, fraud happens in ministry. Here’s how ECCU helps prevent it.

Fraud in ministry sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? If only it were. The reality is that by some estimates, fraud siphons off 6 percent of all the funds donated to churches each year. [read more]

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Empty Wallet? No Problem!

More and more people are carrying fewer checks and less cash these days. I used to make a special point of grabbing my checkbook each week to take it to church. Not anymore! [read more]

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How Do You Build a Culture of Stewardship?

Is stewardship a discipline or a way of life? Well, the biblical answer is yes. One key to creating a culture of stewardship is to take a holistic approach. How can you craft this kind of your approach for your church? [read more]

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Teaching Kids About Money?

I think of the lessons of these early years as foundation stones. They give our kids reference points to look back on as they grow and learn, and they give us opportunities to creatively craft learning experiences. [read more]

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To build kids’ money-handling habits — better Start Young

Every parent who has passed the toddler-wrangling stage knows that kids learn by watching, and then doing—why else would we buy a lock for a toilet seat? So, when it comes to practical life skills, we’re always looking for safe ways to give our kids some hands-on experience. [read more]

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Marketing Veteran Mark H. Middlebrook Joins Evangelical Christian Credit Union As Senior Vice Pre...

ECCU announced today that it has named Mark H. Middlebrook as senior vice president and chief marketing officer, effective June 4, 2018. Reporting to ECCU President and CEO Abel Pomar, Middlebrook will serve on the credit union’s executive leadership team and oversee ECCU’s Marketing & Product Development, Retail and Commercial Sales, and Contact Center functions. [read more]

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