Financially Focused Families Create Richer Homeschooling Environments

As home-based education becomes more popular, and students test higher, connections are being recognized between financial education and financial success. [read more]

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Reading, Writing and Banking – Smart Money Management for Kids Under 12

As parents and caregivers, we often rely on schools to teach kids about spelling, grammar, math, history, science and more. But necessary life skills – such as money management and banking – aren’t often taught, so parents need to fill that gap. [read more]

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How to Introduce Your Preschooler to Money and Banking

Should kids who are still learning how to count be introduced to the grown-up world of money management? Absolutely. It’s never too early to start teaching your children about money and the importance of financial responsibility. [read more]

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Infographic: How Should you Allocate your Church Budget?

It can be a challenge to create a church budget in a vacuum. How do you know if you’ve chosen the best way to allocate your funds? We asked a number of churches for a detailed breakdown of their budget. [read more]

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Bootcamp Develops Missionary Support-Raising Solutions

When missionaries are preparing for life abroad, it’s no secret that fundraising ranks fairly low on the “what I love about missions” meter. Raising money is typically not a popular pursuit compared to the excitement of adapting to a new culture or developing specialized ministry skills. But the hard truth is that missionary activity can face frustrating interruptions without a consistent flow of vital financial resources. [read more]

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Maybe Tax Time Is Your Time to Start Saving

Tax season brings a mixed bag of emotions depending on your level of financial fitness. Take heart. Tax time could be your time to get better control of your finances. Here are a couple ideas to get you started. [read more]

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