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6 Financial Challenges for Church Planters and How to Handle Them

If you’re a church planter, you have plenty of experience with the unpredictable nature of weekly income. At least there’s the upside that you don’t have as many fixed expenses as more established churches. [read more]

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Here’s How to Get Your Church Ready to Grow

Healthy financial practices protect your church and fuel your mission. Experience is the best teacher. And the lessons you learn from experience not only tend to stick, but they’re often worth passing along to others. [read more]

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Egiving Isn’t the Future for Churches—It’s the Present

The church got by just fine without digital giving for nearly two millennia. Maybe your church has been passing the offering plate for decades, and nobody has complained about it or suggested anything should be different. But here’s the thing: your congregation is ready for digital giving right now. And the church has been notoriously slow to embrace changes in technology. [read more]

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Simple ways to keep your church plant out of financial trouble

Forming healthy financial habits early in your church is the key to maintaining financial integrity. Keep reading to see how your plan compares to what really works. [read more]

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It’s time to make digital giving a priority

Stop just talking about digital giving. Now is the time to implement it! Digital giving is the smart way to curb declining revenue. It’s time to make digital giving a priority [read more]

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Serve Day...Our Chance to Walk in Your Shoes

ECCU’s staff members work here for all kinds of reasons. One common thread is that everyone knows their work indirectly helps the credit union’s members do what they’re called to do. [read more]

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