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AdelFi Financial Tools

Get the full picture of your finances in one convenient place

Stay connected to all your external and AdelFi financial accounts, balances and transactions—without having to visit multiple sites.

Financial Tools gives you a quick, comprehensive view of your money all within the AdelFi app or online banking.

Now you can view your spending habits, check your debt ratios and, with a slide of your finger, build a budget to keep you building for the future. You can add accounts from other institutions to get an overall view of your complete financial picture.

Financial Tools Spending
Financial Tools Budgeting

Easily create a custom budget, then visualize how your spending is affecting your budget in real time—and how you can adjust to stay on track. It’s a powerful (and colorful) insight into your progress toward meeting your financial goals.

Net Worth Tool

Net Worth

A simple but powerful way to see your financial position over time. Knowing your net worth allows you to quickly see if you're on track or need to make adjustments to your spending.

Debt Tool

Debt Tracker

Plan, set and see options to quickly pay off your debt. This visual payoff goal helps you keep that debt snowball rolling.

Trends Tool


You want to see how your spending compares to previous months? The Trends reports show you how your spending (and income) has fluctuated over time.

Simple, Secure and Personlized for you.

Now you can manage all of your financial accounts and information from one convenient and secure location. Whether you’re online or on-the-go, these powerful, personalized and digital Financial Tools allow you to easily manage and monitor your budgets, banking, investments, and debts from anywhere. Our layers of encrypted security keep your informaiton safe, so whether you link up one or all of your loans, retirement funds, credits card or bank accounts, you have one place to view and manage them all.

Financial Tools Trends
Frequently Asked Questions

See our Financial Tools FAQs for demonstration videos and common questions.