Cash Reserves Savings Account


Peace of mind.

Cash reserves are essential if your ministry wants to stay focused on its mission. Why? Giving fluctuates, expenses vary, and facilities need to be maintained to avoid costly repairs and prevent safety hazards. Cash reserves can bridge the financial gaps caused by these fluctuations and cover maintenance and replacement expenses without having to divert funds from essential ministries.


With the Cash Reserves Savings Account, you gain access to financial resources and a proprietary assessment tool for calculating the appropriate level of cash reserves for your ministry. You’ll also receive:

  • Competitive return on your deposits
  • A quarterly bonus if you’re able to keep your account growing*
  • Peace of mind knowing that your funds are always used to support evangelical ministries, never for causes contrary to Scripture

* The maximum possible quarterly bonus equals 10 percent of the dividends paid each quarter in your Cash Reserves Savings Account. To achieve the maximum bonus, the balance in the account must grow by 2.5 percent or more. The actual bonus you receive will be four times the growth percentage of the account balance within the quarter, multiplied by the dividends paid in the account over the course of the quarter, subject to the 10 percent maximum cap. Example: 2.5 percent x 4 = 10 percent, or 1.5 percent x 4 = 6 percent. Additional terms and conditions apply. For the complete terms of this bonus, please contact an ECCU representative at 800.288.4846.


To learn more about the benefits of the Cash Reserves Savings Account, take a look at this brief video overview.

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