Ministry Bonus Framework


Maximizing your ministry’s funds.

Sometimes it’s actually good to keep your eggs in one basket. When you open both a Ministry BonusSM Checking and Ministry Bonus Money Market account, you get higher yields and pay lower fees than with traditional accounts. That means you have more funds available for ministry, and you can touch more lives for the kingdom.


The Ministry Bonus Framework combines two accounts to help maximize your ministry’s funds.

The Ministry Bonus Money Market Account:

  • Provides convenient, anytime access to funds through our secure Online Banking system
  • Is a secure investment
  • Earns higher dividends as balances increase
  • Works together with the Ministry Bonus Checking Account to maximize your returns and minimize costs

The Ministry Bonus Checking Account includes:

  • Analyzed checking that accrues credits to offset fees for transactions and service activities
  • Higher Earnings Allowance Rate (EAR)
  • Discounted fees

In addition, the Ministry Bonus Framework gives you access to Ministry Bonus Certificates, which offer higher dividends for higher account balances and flexible terms.


Managing Ministry Funds

When managed wisely, all the funds donated to your ministry can significantly increase your potential for kingdom impact.