Ministry Bonus Sweep Account


Decisions made easy.

Operating accounts. Investment accounts. It can be a challenge to keep ministry funds in the right place at the right time. The Ministry BonusSM Sweep Account helps you face this challenge. First, you decide how much needs to be in your operating account. Then, every day, balances above that amount are automatically “swept” into a safe, high-yield investment account. If your operating balance dips one day, just enough funds to cover the shortfall sweep back into your checking account. It’s that easy.


The Ministry Bonus Sweep Account:

  • Combines your checking account with an investment account
  • Makes investing more convenient
  • Maximizes earnings on ministry funds


Managing Ministry Funds

When managed wisely, all the funds donated to your ministry can significantly increase your potential for kingdom impact.

Expansion and Growth

You need room to grow and pursue your vision. ECCU’s specialized financing and cash management financial services can provide your solution for expansion and growth.